Literal Life Update #2 (looking ahead at the next two months)

Just wanted to let everyone know that my posting will probably be greatly limited over the next 9 weeks or so. I am working at a summer camp and do not want to spend extended time every day glued to my phone.

The only thing that will cause me to post regularly sooner is if i get the teaching job i interviewed for on Thursday. If so it would be the first full-time–salaried–job i will ever have held. If i get it, it will greatly help out my monetary situation.

So for the next seven weeks, the only blog posts i will promise are my Wednesday Psalm 141 posts. I want to finish walking through that psalm this summer, and then, come August i will begin expositing Mark (along with 4 total posts per week).

I may post a reflection on something random if it comes to me, but i’m planning on taking the blogging very slow this summer. My primary goal is to seek God, seek His will, and work through things that are screaming out, “Give this to God and totally walk away from it.”

In my non-social free time up here at camp, i plan to work on my next novel.

Please be praying for me in this time. I know God has something for me this summer. I want to be in a place where i can both receive it and be a blessing to others.

Soli Deo Gloria

Coram Deo

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