“Lonely” intro (a prompt)

Another lonely night. It seemed ever since Kathy had dumped him a few months earlier, Kevin couldn’t make himself do anything. As usual he sat in front of his keyboard with the blank document open before him. If only i had something to write about, he told himself.

It had been this way for several weeks now. The weeks prior had been spent trying to bury memories of Kathy by trash can, shredder, or cigarette lighter. The way he figured it, she isn’t coming back, so why bury it where i can dig it up again? But now his trash can was full of ripped up papers with single sentences, sometimes single words, on them; and his recycle bin on his computer had as its contents, “Document 1” through “Document 64.”

If i’m ever going to be a writer, he thought, then i’ve got to write something. But the more he sat there, staring at his computer screen, the more he felt like a failure. But if all i ever do is sit at my computer, stay cooped up in my apartment, then how will i find something to write about?

So an idea was born. Kevin stood up, grabbed his jacket out of the closet, opened his studio apartment door, and stepped into the hallway.

. . . to be continued . . . maybe by you?


What happens next?? Answer for yourself by writing Kevin’s tale, and if you’re feeling so generous, post your response in the comment line below. I may come back to this in a few days, unless someone else decides to run with it 🙂

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