Taking on Too Much

I have decided to make a change in my weekly routine. No more am i going to try to post a Biblical exposition every week. It has become too difficult to do the study for that every week, to also do topical posts on my blog that are typically (in my opinion) more helpful to those reading them, to study for sermons (of which i am doing two in the next 3.5 weeks), and to produce fiction from which i hope to eventually make a living.

I look over that paragraph and think to myself: “You’re just making excuses. You don’t even have a job. You have no reason not to do all of that.”

And yes, in a way, my critique is correct. However, when i add that i’m currently spending about 8 hours a week at church with 4 hours of driving there and back, and that i may be moving again in January, then I realize that i want the nine hours a week (at least) that it takes to craft a heavily-exposited blog post on a passage of Scripture to spend with my family, and not feel like i’m lazy for not accomplishing a goal i gave myself. (I plan to still do one per month, though once i get to school it may stop almost entirely.)

Paul wrote in Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men.”

This is how i strive to live. Whatever i do, i want to do it well. I don’t consider myself to be OCD unless it comes to a project i have assigned myself. And then it is to such a point that i can’t even ever see it as good enough, until it is at the point where i can’t alter it any farther (posted online, published in print, up on iTunes or Spotify).

I firmly believe that God wants me to go back to school in January so that i can be even better prepared to preach and teach and counsel with God’s Word, and to be even more able to tie His Word in to everything i write. To do this, i need more time to be able to search for scholarships, to search for work for when i get there, and to spend quality time with those i love before moving 2,000 miles away AGAIN.

I covet your prayers, and appreciate comments and encouragements.

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