Auld Lang Syne

Every year for the past several, i have posted a reflection on the year that is about to end. In reality, i don’t have too much to say looking forward to 2018 because of looking back on the times now past in 2017, and that is definitely not a bad thing.

2017 was good for the most part. The only two negatives i can think of are 1) my cat got hit by a car after 2) i moved back to California. Now don’t get me wrong: by no means was my experience after moving to California a problem (except that Combo got killed). I have always wanted to live outside of California, so the fact that i moved back irks me at times because i am not where i ultimately want to be.

However, with those minor complaints laid down, i have to point out that some of my great accomplishments this year would not have been possible if i hadn’t moved back. Due to moving home i was afforded the opportunity (after five months) to quit my job and focus on writing. By doing this, i finished my novel Stranded, which can be found on Barnes and Noble, Itunes, Amazon paperback, Amazon Kindle, and my publisher’s site. In addition, i wrote another minor novel this year for my brother’s birthday, based on our old imaginations of being involved in the Star Wars universe. I kept up on this blog or its former location at least once every other week for most of the year. Also, before moving back home i released a Christian rap album which can be purchased on iTunes.

Based on my goals from last year’s post, i only got through one short story this year, instead of four; i didn’t work out hardly at all; and i’m still trying to love God’s people well. I think that was probably the hardest of my goals from last year, and i pray for His grace in the coming year that i would do an even better job at it.

In addition, i was originally hoping to go to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY starting January 22, 2018 but as of right now i can’t afford it—being a “professional writer” and all—so at the moment it looks like i will not be going in January, which means i need to find a new job, which (when compared to the fact that i don’t want to stay in California) means that i’m looking cross country for employment.

In addition to finding a job, and loving God’s people, i have the following goals for 2018:

  • Write a short story every quarter
  • Keep up on this blog
  • Finish the rough draft of another novel
  • Do upper body working out regularly

What i know for a fact in 2018 is the following: “A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD determines his steps” (Proverbs 16:9). I need to trust Him and follow Him so closely that i’m covered in Him. There have been ways in which this year has been better than prior, but there has also been ways in which this year has been worse than prior years. I am recommitting myself to reading, prayer, study, and focus on the Lord.

With that said, one of my prayers for 2018 is that Christ would bring my future wife into my life. I won’t get my hopes too high, but at the same time, i am going to fix my eyes on Christ and trust Him that He knows best. Because He does.

Soli Deo Gloria

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