Future Posts

As i sit here thinking about my future i wonder what God has for me. At the same time, i know what i need to do. I need to keep writing and pointing people to the life that Jesus offers through His death on the cross. This doesn’t change the fact that i need to find a job (since writing only pays if you have a high readership), but as far as this blog goes i am now linking the sources I use in my writing to Amazon so that i can get “royalties” if people purchase those items after following my links. Every few pennies helps.

With that said, i want to be intentional with my blog. The main point is still, “How do we live in love daily–in all aspects of our lives–so that we can find our true reward in eternal life?” But with that said, i glance at the categories of posts that i have already created and I see the following list:

  • Biblical exposition
  • Church History
  • Life update
  • Open Letters
  • Prayers
  • Protestant Reformation

In addition, i plan on adding “Apologetics” to the already existent list.

My plan for these posts is as follows:

  • Biblical exposition: 1 post a month on the book i’m in (Joshua currently); topicals may appear throughout the month.
  • Apologetics: 1 post a month on defending the faith (beginning with posts related to Jehovah’s Witnesses).
  • Protestant Reformation: 1 post a month on something related to the Reformation (person or pillar) so that we can be further encouraged to hold biblical doctrine and practice.
  • Life Update: Whenever i finish a book i’m reading i will post a short review of it, along with an Amazon link; random blurbs about life–like this post–may also appear on occasion.
  • Open Letters: on occassion, i will post a letter to a specific person or anonymous people (who really exist), begging for belief or a return to orthodoxy.
  • Prayers: occasionally i will post a prayer i’m praying (like the “Life Update” but more specific); or a reflection upon prayer.
  • Church History: occasionally i will post a blog on a specific aspect of church history (which may or may not be directly related to “Protestant Reformation” posts).

All of my post categories will still ultimately tie to the Goal of my blog: loving God and loving others. So i hope that you enjoy what follows. Part of my rationale for trying to stick to a strict regimen of regular posting is so that i can get into the habit of working and writing regularly, so that some day I can (if the Lord calls me this way) balance work and pastoring at the same time–the big difference being that blogging is a hobby whereas pastoring is a calling.

So pray for me in my ventures. I want to point people to Jesus in all i do and write and say.

Next blog post will be on Joshua 7:1-15 (posted before Wednesday, January 31), and after that a topical exposition on Revelation 9:1-11 will be posted before another week is up.


Soli Deo Gloria

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