The life of a writer is never dull, even if you’re too broke to participate in activities that actually have a point.

For our protagonist today, he finds himself blogging, apologizing repeatedly for not having posted for his handful of followers in well over a month. He knows they deserve more, but he really can’t help the fact that life has started demanding more from him than he would like to admit.

“There’s always people to talk to, places to go, games to play, books to read, and oftentimes for me, the lists of these things just keeps growing and never shrinks. It’s like I can’t ever get anything accomplished.”

And thus he tries to escape the fact that he hasn’t posted here in over 5 weeks.

(And yes, the protagonist [who feels more like an antagonist] is me. I know I said it a few weeks ago, but there are new posts coming. I’m planning a series of them as I pen this individual post.)

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