The Life of a Writer

Whether you’re just beginning to follow this site, or you’ve been reading these posts for almost a year now–welcome to my site.

I hope this content is a blessing to you. As such, allow me to share my plans for this site for the foreseeable future:

  • Sundays: the Lord’s day, and thus a day off from writing.
  • Mondays: various posts on a variety of topics.
  • Tuesdays: no posts, working on fiction instead.
  • Wednesdays: Revelation expositions, found here.
  • Thursdays: no posts, working on fiction instead.
  • Fridays: various posts on a variety of topics.
  • Saturdays (1st and 3rd): no posts, working on turning these old posts into a book.
  • Saturdays (2nd and 4th): Mark expositions, found here.

Well there you have it. I hope these posts give you some content to stimulate thinking, spur you on to personal reflection, and ultimately draw you closer to Jesus Christ. This is what i write for.

Even in my fiction. If you are interested in updates on my fiction, you can follow my other blog at I will try to update that page with content every Tuesday and Thursday per my proposed posting schedule outlined above.

When it comes to fiction i have started three novels with two others in mind also begging to be written. As such, i need to start working on one of them regularly. If you’re interested in my fiction, i self-published a novel in November, called Stranded, which you can find by following that link.

Anyways, that’s all i have for you today.

God bless, and thanks for reading.

Soli Deo Gloria

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