Please Don’t Go (relive high school with me)

I first started writing rap songs back in high school. Below is the first song I ever wrote. Well, the first song I ever finished writing. (I’m still wondering about trying to finish up the first song I ever decided to write. Let me know if you think I should.)

The song is called “Please Don’t Go,” and the version with my own instrumental released in 2012 on my album L.I.L.F.Y.T.R. (linked to Spotify). Follow me there to find all the latest music!

This version is rerecorded today in the style (and instrumental) I would have originally used back in 2008 when I first wrote the song. Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name” was the instrumental that originally inspired my desire to write raps, and I wrote my first song to its beat. I left the opening joke lines in as well, but added an outro that fits with my more theologically correct stances of today.

Enjoy it on YouTube:

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If you’re more of a Soundcloud fan, you can find that link below:

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All I can say today is: My upcoming music releases are much better, lyrically and beat-wise than anything I released before 2012. Even compared to 2012, they are better. But anyways, thanks for reliving high school with me.

In this with you

Soli Deo Gloria
Solus Christus

Thanks for listening/reading.

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