Plans for Blog for Remainder of 2020

For some of you, it will come as no surprise that my lifelong dream is to be a writer. And now that my other long-term dream has been fulfilled–becoming a husband–the other dream is becoming more narrowly defined. My dream is to become a full-time writer, able to financially support my family through writing.

And i know what you’re probably thinking. “There’s no way a guy so narrowly focused on Jesus and the Bible can ever be fully supported by writing about those topics.”

And perhaps you are right. But i know one thing for sure. You are definitely right if i don’t write. (I will blog more on that question next year.)

We would all agree that this has been quite the year. With only a month to go and being content with currently 30 posts fewer than my goal for 2020, i want to explain my goals for this blog for the remainder of the year. (I will update my goals for 2021 when we get there; long story short–i want to be regularly blogging.) But for December 2020:

  • One more Revelation post
  • A miniature series in Isaiah preparing for Christmas
  • A Christmas post based on a passage from Esther
  • A post reflecting on the results of the United States election
  • A post focused on the call of the church as we move into 2021
  • My annual reflection and hope for the coming year (maybe posted 1/1/21)

And beyond those projects, i’m preaching again before the end of the year, finishing a term paper for seminary, and striving to be a loving, attentive husband. As such, i have no qualms saying, “i am fine having fallen short of my 75-posts-this-year plan.”

Additionally, i am praying about finding new, temporary employment, and i am trying to finish the second draft of a novel and the first draft of another novel.

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In this with you.

Soli Deo Gloria
Solus Christus
Sola Scriptura
Pro Ecclesia

Thanks for reading.

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