“Why so much Bible?”

If you’ve spent much time on this website over the past four years, you will have noticed that there is a lot of Bible here.

This should never change.

“But what does that have to do with love?” you ask. “The Bible is a document that promotes exclusion. That’s not loving.”

And maybe your question isn’t quite that negative, but it’s a valid question: How can a blog that claims to be focused on love dedicate so much time to walking straight through various books of the Bible?

This is because we can’t properly love people if we don’t love God.
And we can’t love God rightly if we haven’t been loved by God through Christ.
And we can’t be loved by God through Christ apart from hearing from Him in His Word.

Scripture exposition helps us know God’s love for us; it helps us know how to approach God (love Him); and it shows us how we can properly love others–based on the model given to us by Jesus Christ.

If we aren’t studying the Word of God–allowing it to inform our lives–then we have no business telling others that they need to be more loving, because odds are that we don’t know what true love looks like in the first place.

The Bible will show us God. The Bible will show us the Gospel. The Bible will challenge us to live in light of those realities. This should lead us to love others more selflessly.

And what does the world need in this time?

More knowledge of God.
More faith in God.
More love for one another.

As such, when i’m not posting reflections on love, i will be hitting a few specific topics:

Church history topics may or may not spring up from time to time. But have no fear: If the church is supposed to love God and love people, the history of the church should evidence this truth. As such, it is also a valid topic, whether for encouragement or challenge.

Apologetic (defending the faith) posts may also come up from time to time. These are for the purpose of better loving those who hold to different worldviews. We need to understand what they believe, how it differs from what we believe, and how to effectively present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. The only offensive portion of our presentation should be the Gospel message itself (cf. Galatians 5:11; 1 Corinthians 1:23-24). We should take every possible step to be as loving and gracious as possible on our own (cf. 1 Peter 3:15), which can be achieved by better understanding where they are coming from–refusing to act like we know what they believe better than they do.

In this with you.

Soli Deo Gloria
Solus Christus
Sola Scriptura
Pro Ecclesia

Thank you for reading.

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