I recently mentioned that i am currently working on multiple novels. I think this might be one risk inherent to writers. The risk is not necessarily that of starting multiple projects at the same time, but it is definitely that of being easily distracted.

We see stories everywhere. And we naturally get caught up in every other little thing demanding our attention.

But how many of these things are truly worth our attention?

A big one that i regularly witness is writers spending what seems like inordinate amounts of time on Twitter talking about how they are writing, or about how they want to be writing, or even about how they never have time to write. The hashtag, #amwriting, goes around regularly.

Now, let me be clear: I don’t know everyone’s life. I don’t have the mental capacity or the time to do so. Nor do i particularly want to. Some might actually use Twitter like i do: We log in, post something, check our notifications, and leave. It’s possible (and likely that) i’m not alone in this approach. So, if this is you, please understand i’m not directing this at you.

Additionally, even if you don’t fall into that category–i’m preaching to myself first. And, rather than seeing this article as me coming against you–see it as me coming alongside you to encourage you to Write!

You could even read it as me asking you to come alongside me to encourage me to write! (I have blogged a lot this week, but what i desperately want to write is fiction. I’ve only managed 208 words in that arena this week.)

We can complain on social media, or to our writing community, or to our friends and family that we never have enough time to write. Or, we can convert that time into actual writing.

Every journey begins with a single step.
Every project begins with a single goal.
Every story begins with a single word.

The words don’t even have to be good. The goal is to get the words on paper so you can make them better later.

And just like “every project begins with a single goal,” your goal can’t be just “I want to write a book.” Break that goal down. “I want to write one chapter this week,” or “I want to write 1,000 words today.” If you do that, and if you accomplish those achievable goals, you’ll soon be holding a rough draft in your hands.

There will be days it’s hard. There will be days you hate your characters. There will be days you feel like the story is terrible and no one will ever take you seriously as a writer. Cast out those lies and Write! anyways.

Instead of talking about how you are #amwriting, or even how you need to be #amwriting, just Write!

In this with you.

Soli Deo Gloria

Thanks for reading.

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