Victory over the Serpent of Old

Good stuff from a sister in Christ.

On The Housetops

A creative guest post and artwork by my very talented sister: Sierra

Part 1:

Have you ever felt it?

Dark sinister coils of….something?

Pressure slowly tightening around you?

Growing darkness that seems to block the sun…

A weight that only grows heavier.

Helplessness, hopelessness.

Thousands of years of history’s cycles, laid on your shoulders,

Playing out yet again, and you can only watch?

Because history will have its way…

Darkness will have its way….

Sin will have its way….

Politics, power, injustice….

Slowly squeezing to a head…..

The labor pangs intensify and come shorter together.

The serpent of old lurks, coiling tighter.

He knows his time is short….

He will have his revenge.

He will wreak havoc, kill and destroy,

As many as he can take with him.

Part 2:

But he will not win.

Our conquering Savior is coming again

With victory in His wake

Authority, and…

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