Quick Update

Please forgive me for disappearing for like three weeks. Stuff has been a little up in the air recently. I’m taking a trip to see my sister graduate in Missouri in three days, i’m trying to figure out if i’ll be continuing my Master’s Degree in Kentucky in a month, and i’m trying to accomplish some longstanding projects before then.

If this blog gets neglected, and you are upset by it, please forgive me. Hopefully i’ll be here regularly–at least once a week–come the turn of the year. I have lots of writing to do, and i don’t have enough time to do it in.

I finished a book–now available on the iBooks store–which i encourage you to check out. It will also be on the Amazon kindle store within the next four weeks. The more feedback i get on this first novel the more push i’ll have to keep on writing. I have two sequels in mind for this first book; i have two other series i want to write (with 5+ books in mind for each); and i have several stand alone novel ideas in mind as well.

My desk often looks like the image that heads this post (complete with the coffee mug). The site the picture came from claims that messy desks mean genius. I can’t stand messy desks, because it keeps me from focusing, so i’m currently in process of finishing things so it can get cleaned up. Please pardon my absence from this blog in this time. And check out my book here and on the Amazon Store (Paperback, kindle link to follow when it is up).

Have a blessed day.

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