Literal Life Update

The title fills it in for you. That’s literally all this post will be about.

I am exhausted. I am drained. Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually. Depression is setting in again.

It’s turning out to be one of my closest friends–the one i least want to spend time with–and I have seen him way too often over the past few years.

As such, i am going to try to post two updates here this week. My next entry on Joshua–this time about the longest day in earth’s history–and a topical musing on dating, marriage, and singleness.

If i post more it’ll be a miracle, but hopefully i don’t post less.

In addition, i plan on working on a lengthy theological paper (which will be posted here in portions when i finish it [hopefully by summer’s end]) and my next novel, which is still top secret (other than clues i’ve dropped on older posts.

So i don’t plan to mope during this time of depression, but i will be pulling back from the blog at least for the week.

Pray for me, please.

In addition, once this season is past, i plan to only post four posts per week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday will be a rest day, and Tuesday and Thursday will be fiction focused days.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments on these musings.

Again, please pray for me.

I’m living in Psalm 141 these days. Perhaps an exposition will follow in the next few weeks:

Lord, I call on You; hurry to help me.
Listen to my voice when I call on You.
May my prayer be set before You as incense,
the raising of my hands as the evening offering.

Lord, set up a guard for my mouth;
keep watch at the door of my lips.
Do not let my heart turn to any evil thing
or perform wicked acts
with men who commit sin.
Do not let me feast on their delicacies.
Let the righteous one strike me —
it is an act of faithful love;
let him rebuke me —
it is oil for my head;
let me not refuse it.
Even now my prayer is against
the evil acts of the wicked.
When their rulers will be thrown off the sides of a cliff,
the people will listen to my words,
for they are pleasing.

As when one plows and breaks up the soil,
turning up rocks,
so our bones have been scattered
at the mouth of Sheol.

But my eyes look to You, Lord God.
I seek refuge in You; do not let me die.
Protect me from the trap they have set for me,
and from the snares of evildoers.
Let the wicked fall into their own nets,
while I pass by safely.

The cure for depression, as ridiculously hard as it might be, is to find refuge in Christ, to plead with Him for help, and to keep your gaze fixed on Him! As the hymn says,

Be Thou my vision o Lord of my heart
Naught be all else to me save that Thou art.

When i ask for prayer, this is what i mean. Thanks.

Soli Deo Gloria

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