COVID-19: A Prayer of Repentace

excellent thoughts in this time of uncertainty

On The Housetops

Only a week ago, I found it rather humorous how people everywhere were panicking about this coronavirus. But as I’ve watched things develop over the past several days, I’ve started to wonder if my lackadaisical, optimistic attitude is not a good thing. Sure, it’s good to be hopeful and to trust in the Lord, but it’s also good to be wise and to have our eyes open to what’s going on around us.

As I’ve watched the rules & regulations become stricter each day, the stock market plummet and businesses close, I’ve started to better understand why so many people are concerned, and the question I’ve started asking myself is “Why?”

Why is this happening at this time? For what purpose has God allowed this?

Is this God’s judgment? A call to revival? Neither? Both?

What is God trying to tell us?

And how many people are actually listening?

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