Doctor Curtis James, journal entry (part 3)


Work is begging me to come back and give them my services. Apparently my patients miss me. Part of me says, “screw them.” I don’t need the money. I’d rather cure illnesses than make money. Besides, I am helping my patients. I’m making it so they never have to come into a hospital again. So maybe “screw them” isn’t the proper thing to say.

Perhaps I’ll go back sometime this week, see whoever is there, and then quit. But i don’t know. Money is nice. And sure, if this cure works out I can sell it for billions, but still. I want work off my back. I want to research and heal people on my own time. I don’t want to be at the beck and call of a senior doctor. So I guess e’ll see what happens.

And then there’s Julie.

Crap, my phone’s ringing. I guess I’ll discuss her later. I need to answer this. It might involve more funding.



The phone call was a reporter. Apparently, I might be getting some publicity for my efforts. This could be good. It could be very good.

There are 19 cases of the Coronavirus in my county alone now. That’s three more cases than were in the entire state six days ago. It’s no wonder work needs me. There are now 286 cases across the whole state. There were only 16 in Missouri six days ago. This thing is out of control.

I wish I’d started my cure two years ago. If so, this virus would be dead and gone already–along with all diseases.

But at this point it’s just more incentive to keep working on my cure.

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